Law Offices of Andrew K. Keutmann

One State Street, Suite 1500 Boston, Massachusetts 02109 (617) 933-3864
"excellent--prompt, professional, and reasonable"

Jay P.

"You were a huge help with getting us talking and working together at that time and helped me to see things differently and what was best for my son at the time and now and secondly thank you also for your help and the advice you gave me with other things later on. I appreciate everything more than you may know . . ."

Julie R.

"'I'll never forget how very much you contributed to the resolution of my divorce.  I got the distinct impression that money was not foremost in your mind, that you really cared about how the divorce was affecting me and my kids.  I've spent many years working for attorneys, and, sorry to say, there are a lot out there for whom their payout is the bottom line.  You are among the rare few that I've known in my lifetime for whom helping people is a true part of your vocation. That you were always available to take a call, or return one promptly, to answer my questions or just settle my nerves, and never once made me feel rushed, or like I was on the clock, even after the final papers were signed and sealed, is proof of that.  I think kids are the greatest judge of character, and both of my boys took an instant liking to you.  I have no doubt that you will do well and wish you every success. And I will gladly say that I have, and would, highly recommend your services to anyone in need of an attorney."

Kelly H.